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Personal Emblem of Adolf Galland, C.O. of JG26 during the Battle of Britain, and General de Jagdfleiger.Mission StatementPersonal emblem of Josef 'Pips' Priller, late war C.O. of JG26

of FliegerKorps III

JG26 is organized and run as a true military unit! We strive for the feeling of a real WW2 German outfit! For many of us, this is a release from the stress of everyday life and has formed us into a very tight knit group! If you are not interested in this type of atmosphere please refrain from applying to FliegerKorps III! We do not support or endorse the Nazi regime in any way shape or form, but we do salute the German pilots for their bravery in combat and their technical know-how!

FliegerKorps III Flight Roster


Oberstleutnant Sepp Galland - Geschwade Kommodore

Major Erich Kurzweil - Adjatant

Captain Josef Riley - Technical Operations Officer

Hauptmann Erich Hartmann - Tactical/Training Officer

Hauptfeldwebel Hans Hartmann - Staff NCO/Training NCO


JG-26 Gruppe I

Bf 109's


1st Schwarm

Hauptmann Yoshi Oji - 1st Schwarm Kommandeur

Flieger Hans Übertier - Wingman auf Schwarm Komm.

Feldwebel Ethan Hunt - 1st Rotte Kommandeur 1st Schwarm

Flieger Drew Breidenstein - Wingman auf Rotte Komm.

Feldwebel Zap - 2nd Rotte Kommandeur 1st Schwarm


2nd Schwarm

Oberleutnant Adolf Hitler - 2nd Schwarm Kommandeur

Flieger Jonathan H. Bell - Wingman auf Schwarm Komm.

Fähnrich Einar Geruber - Rotte Kommandeur 2nd Schwarm

Flieger Dale Winter - Wingmann auf Rotte Komm.


StG-1 Gruppe II

JU 87 "Stuka"


1st Schwarm

Oberleutnant Adolf Galland - 1st Schwarm Kommandeur

Flieger Erik Shockley - Wingman auf Schwarm Komm.


KG-1 Gruppe III

He 111


Oberleutnant Bohem Vigzey - 1st Schwarm Kommandeur

Flieger Hans Rudel - Wingman auf Schwarm Komm.

Gefreiter Hannes Vollbracht - Rotte Kommandeur 1st Schwarm