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Oberstleutnant Sepp Galland

Born: Danzig, East Prussia
Father: Leutnant, Recon Pilot WWI
Mother: Normal

Aircraft able to fly:
Mediums Bombers
Tactical Bombers
Transport Planes

Rank: Oberstleutnant
Military Service: Luftwaffe
Entrey of Service: 1929 at age 20

Service record:
Graduated Offizier schule: Fall 1929
Commisioned as a Leutnant: Fall 1929
Finished Fighter Training: Winter 1930
Finished Medium Bomber Training: Summer 1930
Finished Transport Pilots Training: Spring 1931
Finished Tactical Bomber Training: Winter:1932
Promoted to Oberleutnant: Spring 1932
Promoted to Hauptmann: Fall 1935
Promoted to Major: Summer 1938
Promoted to Oberstleutnant: Winter 1939
POW of French: Winger 1939
Wounded in Action in Noway Losing 4 Fingers: Fall 1940

Areas of service:
Saar Occupation 1935
Rhineland Occupation 1936
Spanish Civil War 1936-39
Austrian Occupation 1938
Sudetenland Occupation 1938
Czechoslovak Occuptation 1939
Memel Occupation 1939
Invasion of Norway 1940
Invasion of Low Countries 1940
Invasion of France 1940


Other Medals:

Occupation Sudetenland Medal Occupation Austria Medal Occupation Memel Medal